Vertical cities: integration and sustainability

A reality faced by contemporary cities is the lack of space to build. The latest solutions and that are trend in the world are concentrated in the vertical cities, which have already been several years in certain countries and arrive with the force of Colombia. On this occasion we talked about [...]

Common areas: trends in new real estate developments

The real estate developments of the last few years have been highlighted by the implementation of the common areas increasingly sophisticated, with a view to provide added value to the copropiedades. However, the current conditions have changed the habits of people and the use of the common areas. [...]

Home automation: the technology at the service of the house of luxury

In times of hyperspace and universal connectivity, the internet has come to the very heart of everyday objects to make life easier and integrate solutions to the problems of day-to-day. In this entry we talked about some of the advances that offers home automation to smart homes [...]

Housing for rent institutional, the arrival of the model multifamily Colombia

In its most recent report on trends in construction, Camacol analyzes the model multifamily housing or rental building, a use that is beginning to gain ground in our country. For this reason, today we talk about this interesting investment alternative. The potential for housing in income institutional [...]

Luxury living used, and why not?

Are you thinking of investing in a property? Perhaps you imagine that seek new projects to be the best idea. However, the luxury home you use has its charm. ¡Join us to see it! Property features of luxury used hen it comes to real estate projects, high profile, the owners [...]

Gentrification in Medellin, the transformation of urban spaces

Cities are living beings in constant evolution and its dynamics present challenges and opportunities. On this occasion we talked about gentrification in Medellín, a phenomenon that comes with strength to support the urban transformation of the city. What is gentrification? Societies are transformed and that is why it is [...]

Home tour, ¡opportunity to invest in Medellin!

When people travel to other places you need to think about your accommodation. Some will go direct to the hotels, but for others it may be better options. It is for this reason that today we talk about the housing tourist in Medellin, a sector to which you are betting more and more people in the world [...]

Hotel luxury in Medellin

Why settle for the same thing when you can have the best? This is what I think every time more people who have to stay in different cities to yours. That's why, in this post we will talk about the offer of the hospitality of luxury in Medellin. What is hospitality [...]

Interior design: the added value of the real estate projects

The facades of the real estate projects are usually the first to call the attention of the people. However, those who inhabit, visit, or work in them do in their interior spaces. On this occasion we will talk about the interior design or interior design, as that is the value-added [...]

Tourism in Medellin, an opportunity for the root property

It is not a secret for anyone that many sectors of the economy have been hit as a result of the pandemic that we are still living. Despite this, the wake becomes more rows, which are sum else related to travel (for business or pleasure). It is by [...]

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